Sunday, 26 March 2017

Rise and Fall

Suzanne Davey, Rise and Fall, textiles, thread, ink, 180cm x 130cm x 40cm
Political storms of now and the rise of the right explored through kinetic textiles. Exhibited in Four Elements: Water Warringah Creative Space.

Tides rise and fall, waves rise and fall, storms rise up..... and fall away.
Water rises and falls with its own agency and we rise and fall in its wake.

The rhythms of ocean systems mirror social and political storms we face now; the rise of the right and political aggression and the resultant flows of people in the wake of these surges.

Webs of crossings and traversing, flows and networks of social relations, our fragility in the face of storms and the constancy of change are investigated through textiles. Utilising the language of sails and flags time and human action is made visible as the surface is ripped, pierced, punctured, repaired and stained and new connections are made.

Together with water we rise and fall, face change and unknown futures.

Installation view, Rise and Fall

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Gathering Shadows

Suzanne Davey, Gathering Shadows, ceramic, bricks, bones. wood, charcoal, shells, metal, 70cm  x 300cm x 300cm

Gathering Shadows is a site responsive installation that responds to the changing cultural history of the Coal Loader, Waverton, from its indigenous heritage, land use on the site, its role in facilitating the coal mining industry through to its current role as a centre for sustainability on the harbour foreshore. 

The work considers our inter-dependence with site histories (indigenous, animal, geological) and the potential future consequences of our collective actions and inaction towards environmental ecologies. 

Notions of temporal flows, site ruptures and dis-ruptures, surface wounds and healing are investigated.

The work explores clay as a media shaped by human touch and the ceramic traditions of containment. Unable to hold back their contents shells, small animal bones, charcoal and bricks flow and spill in the shadows of the ceramic forms. 

Installation detail Gathering Shadows, ceramic, bricks, small animal bones, wood, charcoal, shells, metal,
70cm  x 300cm x 300cm
Ceramic form detail, Gathering Shadows, ceramic, bricks, small animal bones. wood, charcoal, shells, metal, 65cm  x 45cm x 45cm